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Insurance Solutions

We are Supply Chain Experts who leverage our experience and size to help shippers of all sizes to identify their financial risks, contain them, and buy the right insurance at the right price.

Today’s supply chain is more complex than ever with shippers facing a host of risks unique to the 21st century. You need expert advice from those who understand their business and arrange insurance professionally and not as an afterthought. Backed by more than a hundred twenty-five years of experience in transportation and logistics, Whitehall Insurance is uniquely equipped to guide shippers with exceptional coverage that fits the way they do business and not with customary off-the-shelf solutions. Whitehall is a proud member of the Crowley Liner and Crowley Logistics family and can deliver bundled comprehensive cradle to grave risk services for shippers and importers of all sizes.

Because we know logistics, you get solutions tailored for the way you do business.

Should you choose to insure your cargo for a fixed-value at a fixed-price, you can do that.

No matter the cargo you carry, we have an effective solution for you.