Report a Claim

Fast, Easy, and Efficient Claim Submittal

  1. Complete a Claims Reporting Form. Use the form found on  and/or Email:
    You’ll need the following information in order to report a claim: 
    Date of loss; nature, extent and cause of loss; approximate value of claim; description of cargo; location of goods; contact details where goods can be inspected.
  2. Contact an approved cargo claim surveyor shown on the reverse of the Cargo Insurance Certificate, provided one was issued. There is no need to contact a surveyor for claims under $1,000.
  3. Take photos, preferably date-stamped
  4. Take steps to reduce the chance of further loss. i.e.: separate damaged from non-damaged
  5. Note proper exceptions in writing on the delivery receipt when loss or damage is apparent at time of taking delivery. In no circumstances should you give a clean receipt if goods are received in questionable or damaged condition.
  6. Promptly file claim in writing against the delivering carrier holding them responsible as soon as loss or damage is discovered. Include all carriers (ocean/air/rail/ground/NVOCC) even though responsibility for loss is yet to be determined.If the loss or damage is not evident at time of delivery and discovered later, note that the terms and conditions of the carrier bill of lading require claims be filed in writing against the carrier or representative within 3 days of delivery on shipments by an ocean carrier or 7 days on shipments by air.
  7. Examine ocean containers and seals immediately before taking delivery. If the container is delivered with seals broken or missing or with seals other than as stated in the shipping documents, note same on the delivery receipt and retain all defective or irregular seals for subsequent identification.Preserve containers, packaging and their contents in the condition received until a survey is completed.
  8. Collect supporting documents to substantiate your insurance claim consisting of:
    • Original and Duplicate of this Certificate of Insurance, duly endorsed by Loss Payee
    • Claims Agents Survey Report or Certificate of Damage
    • Copies of delivery receipts which show exceptions taken at time of delivery
    • Copy of written claim against the Carrier or others with their reply, when available
    • Copy of Commercial invoice(s) covering the entire shipment insured by this Certificate of Insurance if one exists
    • Copy of packing list(s) and/or freight note(s), if any that apply
    • Copy of Bill(s) of Lading or Air Waybill(s) covering the entire shipment insured
    • Additional documents as may be required