Top Five Reasons for Cargo Insurance

January 18, 2019

Cargo Insurance

There are a multitude of reasons why cargo insurance is preferable for customers who are shipping cargo through Crowley or any other carrier. Whitehall provides insurance options to prepare customers for unforeseen risks.

There are many factors to take into consideration such as acts of God, regulatory inspectors and civil unrest.  When considering cargo insurance, here’s a quick top five list of reasons to consider purchasing a cargo insurance policy to protect your products as they move through the supply chain:

  • Most of the cargo insurance policies offered by Whitehall have a zero deductible. It’s full protection and you won’t be relying limited liability/low pay coverage from the carrier.
  • Cargo insurance provides door-to-door protection for your cargo. Customers can feel at ease knowing their goods are insured fully for the entire journey.
  • Cargo insurance covers nearly all acts imaginable that could damage your products being shipped. It covers acts of God: hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, floods; mostly anything that isn’t anybody’s fault, but sometimes just happens. As evidenced, weather can be the most unpredictable factor and cargo insurance prepares a customer for nearly any condition.
  • Cargo insurance also covers damage that could result from human and civil disorder. Cargo insurance covers potential damage to your goods that could result from war, riots, strikes or civil commotion. The policies cover just about anything that is beyond the control of the carriers.
  • Shipping goods involves a tremendous amount of regulation as well. Often during that regulatory process, inspectors are examining cargo. Cargo insurance covers physical damage that might occur during those inspections. When shipments move, they’re often inspected at different points by different government agencies and sometimes in various nations. There are times that things get damaged during those inspections. Cargo insurance provides physical loss or damage coverage for your goods during those regulatory processes.

If you don’t currently have an experienced cargo insurance agent to guide you through the process, we invite you to contact the experts at Whitehall Insurance via email at or by calling (888) 470-4997.

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